Why Do People Discriminate Against People with “Lesser” Jobs in the United States of America?

Greetings! My name is Nellie Carr, but you can call me Arcad because that is my nickname. I’ll tell you why that’s my nickname in a later post.

Thanks for being here. This blog is for two kinds of people. The first are people who discriminate against people with “lesser” jobs like repairing appliances, installing windows, etc. These people are usually white collar and don’t realize how important these discriminated jobs are for our society. Indeed, they wouldn’t even be able to wear white collars if people working lesser jobs weren’t at their work stations making shirts. The other type of person this blog is for our people who work lesser jobs themselves. I’m here to tell these people that they should stop calling their jobs lesser. In fact, it is the people who make money from usury and do nothing with their hands that work lesser jobs. The people who work in factories and the people who build products or provide hands-on services for their communities should be praised more than the people who trade stocks and sell digital currencies.

Now that this has been explained, let’s ask the question “why do people discriminate against appliance mechanics, landscapers, construction workers, etc?” I won’t be able to fully give this question justice in this one blog post, but I will be able to get the answer underway. Overtime I hope to discuss this matter enough to answer this question once and for all. So for now let’s deal with one big factor.

One Big Factor For Why White Collar People Discriminate Against Blue Collar People Like Appliance Repair Technicians Is…

What I think to be one of the biggest factors that helps us understand this issue is the fact that many white collar careers require years of post-secondary education while most blue collar jobs don’t. Doctors might consider themselves better than appliance repairmen because the doctor had to go to school for many years and he might think someone who just settles for a job that doesn’t require higher education like fixing home appliances to be lazy. But this is not the case!

People who work full time fixing appliances are not lazy! Just because they didn’t go to university doesn’t mean they’re not smart and haven’t worked hard to achieve their standing. We’ll be covering this factor further in the future but for now I hope this brief argument will suffice.

If you would like to learn more about my cause and what I wish to accomplish with this blog, click here. Thank you for reading! Spreading the word about this issue will do wonders for the health of our society in the United States of America.