Take the Time to Thank Your Appliance Repair Technician

thank you appliance repair technicians

Remembrance Day just passed, and I hope you got to have a moment of silence for our forefathers who died defending the freedom we enjoy today. I don’t want to take away from these heroic warriors of history whatsoever when I say that today we should have a moment of silence for all our appliance repair technicians around the world. Let me explain why I think Nov 14th should be Appliance Repair Technician Day.

This is that time of year for many countries around the world where winter is on the way. Of all the times of the year, winter, or when the weather is cold, is when we need working appliances the most. Not all of us have gas heating and gas appliances, so we rely on technicians who repair electric appliances to keep our kitchens functional for when it’s time to cook Christmas dinner with the family. If you’re an appliance repairman or woman reading this then please, even if you’ve been having a bad day, give yourself a pat on the back. Think of all the appliances you’ve repaired over your life and stop to ponder on how greatly you’ve improved people’s lives with your services.

Not only do appliance technicians do us a service by working day to day and arriving at our homes with all the tools we don’t have, they use other services like YouTube, uploading videos on how to repair appliances so we can do it ourselves. This to me just proves how selfless a technician can be, and I honor them for doing this.

So please join me this day on having a moment of silence for yet another job deemed “lesser” by our society! To read more about our mission and why we’re striving to honor less-talked-about jobs, visit here. We hope you enjoyed the post and visit again soon!